IFL haunted

IMG_00731Tout le mond has seen the horror movies and heard about the tales, but not everyone has a true ghost story. « WHO’S THERE? » question is the never responded. IFL is reported to be haunted by a third year girl student who was raped and killed in the Amphi 4 class, French department, by 3 stutents, two other men apparently known to students from high ranged family, who cooperate with a security guide on 18th August 2012 while the vocation took place. The victim’s body was  found naked in a field which is now a football match. The girl’s family also alleges they were threatened to not to file the rape complaint. Her brother alleged that police refused to register the family’s complaint of rape as well. Four weeks later, this murder has been forgotten but IFL is remained haunted. Many students who finish class late or spend time doing homework are always scared , and regularly heard the sound of chains dragging across the attic floor but no one seems to report anything. One evening, when a friend of mine was getting back from her class to get her car to leave, she felt someone watching her, and turned around to see an upstairs window glass, she see a seemingly invisible hand open a window in a room she had just left with all the windows closed. In another incident, a cleaner at night clearly heard somebody shut the door close, open the toilet water, and see water footprints  from girl toilet to  the classroom. During new year, students normally have 2 weeks off before the exams. Nothing went wrong, until the last day the exams. We had an oral exam, so each student is sorted and listed to each room in the department. Four students and two professors were in the room Amphi 4. We smelled sth from the roof, but we remained silent. One hour passed, the smell got worse and worse until we could not bear to continue staying in the room. One the my professor used a broom to knock the roof, suddently, a big thing fell down with worms and smell. It was a terrible shock. It was 3 human head combined. Those heads were found unknown the identity until 13th June 2013, ATM cards that  had been attached with 2 dead bodies were later found in the lake near the garage of IFL. IFL is one of the most famous school in Phnom Penh since 19th century. The keep the school runs forwards, the crime needs to be tranquil.IMG_09121


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      1. les quatre étudiants qui vont passer l’exament, qui sont ils ? Pouriey vous préciser? i want to tell u one thing ur picture it too scare for me but ur scary movie make me cut down my stress.

  1. Is this real or not? even its a true story but u shouldn’t recite it because it effect to our apartment or it scare the other students by your uttering words. however, not bad.

  2. Yeahhhhh hit my head so much u know… I thought it was true at first… Before see the cmt I imagine a very haunted moment… Btw I have one my own story, but yr better than mine so far… 😀

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