RUPP at the Top!!

3Looking from far far away, RUPP building is just a normal building with a strange architecture. It appears to the oldest and tallest building the area. Of course, as we all know, old buildings often have something else going on beneath.  That something is a ghost story. Who know it would soon became a place of nightmares? Few female students jump from the building every year. As I remember, last year, a dead girl student found hanged in the classroom  at the top room.

You might find it so strange that most victims were girls. You can tract down with friends or alone to find out the answer (I don’t recommend you to search at night, especially girls). Let me know if you have any clue. But before you investigate, let’s read this: my friend, from Singapore, came to pay me a visit. Since she had nothing to do while I was studying, I told him to walk around the uni. She did. She even climbed up there. At the first, she told me she felt so good but once the sun went down, the sky went dark; she felt cold. Just a few minutes, she lost the way back down. The building was small but she still could not find the stairs. With no light, she was completely lost.  Suddenly,  she heard a group of female voice speaking. She took out her fone and rang me. When I recieved it, I knew sth would go wrong. I just left my class straight to the RUPP top floor. I didn’t go there alone, of course. I asked the security guide to turn on the right. Oh, my gosh! My friend stood up-right near the edge of the building seemed to wanting to jump. I shouted to her, than she suddenly awoke. If only I was late in a minute, I could always lose my friend’s life.



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