IMG_023100This time, I am writing about my feeling towards the Khmer. My current feelings are now down & down. I hate to say that  I am scared of the Khmer but I like to be 100% honest in my blog posts.

I am scared of leaving the comfort of my home. I am scared of driving along the road. I am scared of being murdered. I am scared of  talking to the Khmer. I am scared of leaving the people I care. I’m scared of the possibility that I may never see some of them again.​ I am scared of the communism in the country. I am scared of seeing people harm each other. I’m scared of everything whenever I see th Khmer surround.

You don’t understand this feeling. But if you know, you’d how frighten it is!!

« Don’t be scared Tit! U can’t live without communism but you have to learn how to live. Just take carefully more and do not trust anyone completely. The society is like this ( Dark). » This is what I’ve been waiting to hear!!