Hungry for Justice!!

IMG_0618« Do not be afraid for my heart if it stops; don’t fear for my hands if they’re paralysed. I am still alive now, and tomorrow, and after death, because Khmer is in my blood, in my devotion, and in my faith ». This is what papa always says. But what i am afraid of is that we die for nothing.

29 Junly 2013, I was really hungry when I woke up that morning. It had been only 5 hours since yesterday’s big bowl of soup and fried rice, and it was hard to think about much else as I headed to the kitchen. Then I paused for a while and ask myself that why i was hungry if I ate a big bowl in the evening while I have never eaten any in the evening for almost the rest of my life? And I was shocked myself that I have always had enough to eat. More than that, I’ve always been the kind of person who made sure to eat enough. I turned to the bathroom and looked straight to the mirror; then I realized that what I was hungry was JUSTICE. I focused more into my pupils and think what the difference is between being blind that can’t see people are being killed and being visible that can see people are being killed but can’t do anything!! This is crazy. Can you believe that the tears are rolling down my face?

« No one should live in this kind of fear » I spoke out alone. We would suffer and die at the end which makes no change, and what if we die right now, right here and have a chance to change for the youngers; would it be better? 

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