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août 2013

Joyeux anniversaire..!!

IMG_1073Le jour d’ anniversaire, pour moi, n’est pas très important. Mais les souhaits sont beaucoup de fois plus d’importants au cas ils nous donnent l’émotion d’etre aimé. Je dépend de temps remercier ceux qui me souhaitent  » joyeux anniversaire ». Je veux que tout le monde a savoir quel heureux je suis de recevoir tous les texts, calls.. Je vais repondre toute suite. Je veux montrer que j’apprecie ce que mes amis me donnent.IMG_1098

« Merci big big »


How to have a great smile!

IMG_0120Smiling is awesome. It helps ameliorer votre sante,  your attractiveness, and il raduit votre nouveau de stresse, raises your spirits and makes other people happy. Not even that, but it helps you to be a successful person. But teeth is very important to help you to have a confidence to smile. it’s a very powerful thing to make you feel comfortable to smile. I am sure you don’t wanna smile while you don’t have any teeth or you have black, brown with worms(well, let’s it’s worm), right? And , It’s not difficult to have a great set of teeth if you look after them properly.

Now to have a great teeth :

  • Brush your teeth :  brush 2 to 3 times/day.
  • Floss your teeth : floss it at least once/day.
  • Cut down sugar: reduce the amount of sugar you consume.
  • Wash your teeth: use mouthwash twice/day; morning and before sleep.

Note: If you have kids, encourage them to take care of their teeth! Nothing is better than starting out from young.

Best shape is attractive?

There are many hot people who aren’t in the best shape, and there are many people in great shape who aren’t hot.

Il y a beaucoup de différentes manières à décrir qq’un comme being attractive: belle/beau, gorgeous, cute, and hot.  To be hot = to be sexually attrative which means attractive in a mature way. To be sexually attractive, vous avez besions d’être comfortable with your own shape and savoir how to emphasize your best qualités. That doesn’t mean you have to take off your shirt or show a lot of skins, but being just a little seductive doesn’t hurt. Il y a beaucoup de hot people who aren’t in the best shape, and there are many people in great shape who aren’t hot. However, si vous voulez ajouter plus quelque attention from others, work to lose weight if you’re overweight, or do muscle-building exercises if you’re underweight or really skinny. And of course, hygien est très important. Brush your teeth  at least twice a day, washing your face to get rid of blackheads or acne, wash your hair every other day (or whenever, depending on your hair type), use deodorant, and smelling fresh.

Ghost trembles sleeping bus.

JPG3488The story from the darker side of life is true. Hmm, some people think a ghost story may be any piece of fiction, or drama. They simply think it’s an imagination of people making up something to be pleasure. But when it turns out to be true, they are not ready for it.

Make sure you leave the light on while you are reading this!!

If you had seen any sleeping buses before, you would be able to imagine how it’s possible. This ghost story happened so recent.

17th August 2013 at 2:55AM , hot news about a bus accident at Pich Nill Hill lived. All the passengers on the bus, except my friends and me, disappeared. The story is this: a friend of mine asked me to have a short trip with her & her friends to Sihanoukville. I thought it would be much fun to celebrate my birthday’s party on the beach. So we booked sleeping bus tickets that leave at 1:25AM. Before the bus leaves, we met a man who later shared the same bus. He told us  » Dont take the last seat of night bus « .  I asked why and he said  » there was a young man who was killed by unknown passengers on that seat «  and he then left to the bus and we go to find the toilet. It took about 30 mn to find it, and when we found it; we realized we were late for the bus already. So we returned as soon as possible. At 2:00Am while we were running to the bus station, a bus came from nowhere that wrote « To Sihanoukville » stopped right infront of us. A man that told us about the ghost was just behind us and said  » Let’s go. The bus comes to take you guys to Sihanoukville ». We were so happy at first. We got on the bus, the lady welcomed us and told us to go to the last seats. Since the sleeping bus has up-seats and down-seat, we decidd to taket the up-seat which is enough for 4 of us. The bus seemed to run very smooth and fast. About 15 mn later, my friends and I were ready to sleep, but suddently I saw something moving at the down-seat. I looked straight to it. There was nothing. I saw it the second time, and I looked straight to it again, but this time I saw a young man with a bloody face mumbled my name. My friends saw the same thing. They looked at me. I shouted  out for help but suddenly there was no one one the bus beside us. We looked at each other. Then when we looked back the the down-seats. This time, we saw a young man was tied up. His tears were falling. His mouth was mumbling, seemed to ask for help. We frighten but we kept still lying on our seats. For about 5 minutes, the driver stoped the bus and came and said « Burn him and throw him to the hill ». He seemed not to see us. At 2:35AM, that poor young man was carried out of the bus and burned and threw to the hill. We could only watch. At 2:40AM, another bus came across stopped and ask but they found no one on this abandoned bus but us. The police came very soon after that. They found out that the bus was the vehicle of the murderers who killed an unknow young man and threw to the hill yesterday but they could not find who did that. About 10 mn later, reporters came and shot. Suddently, I realized that the bus driver that just came and the bus driver who murdered that young man was the same person. At that time, I didn’t understand what happened but then; I told the police to investigate the driver. This sounds complicated but it’s even worse if you were there. The driver really was a murderer. But  I myself still don’t understand why why why. 


Earth stops rotating??

IMG_09470First, I have to admit that I know nothing about our Earth of how it rotates, and why it rotates. But I doubt what would happen if once earth stops spinning itself. I mean one part is having a constant daytime and the other constant nighttime. It’s complicated but it would be possible to have a huge large massive object that is strong enough to cause the earth to stop spinning or to reverse its rotation or slowdown its rotation. I think there should more possible ways to cause the earth to stop rotating but in my knowledge, I can’t find other possible way. I think this would have a huge effect on plantation and animal lives on the earth, some of which could not survive many days with no sunlight. There would be catastrophs every part of the world too(I have no idea what would that be)..

Cultural change

IMG_031800Your computer needs to be updated  new programs which help improve your knowledge and facilitate your needs. It’s quite similar to culture. The essence of culture change is about transforming philosophies, ideas, style, creativity, choices, and flexibility , so that aging is no longer synonymous with desease and illness. The purpose of the culture change is to improve the quality of life which means  « cultivating » the lifestyles. To me it’s all really about what makes you happy. If it is a part of your culture to do sth that you don’t enjoy, there is no point to continue the tradition just because it is a tradition.

The reason I am writing you this is because I want to tell everyone to accept the arrival of the new culture which sometimes could be a killer of his/her culture and sometimes it could be a key to lock into a civilized world. I am not trying to tell you to do or to kill your heritage, but to accept human rights.

t!t’s cre@t!on

At t!t’s creat!on, we’ve been help!ng people to cre@te new photos, fun beaut!ful photos for @lmost @ year. Now we wanna help m@ke your photo projects funn!er, and more enjoyable, too. W!th!n th!s @rt!cle, you w!ll f!nd gre@t !de@s for shoot!ng @s well as concepts to gu!de you tow@rd gre@t results-and the photos you’ve @lw@ys w@nted.


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United Nations


I am a university student in Phnom Penh. I have been advised that only you who could help Cambodia’s nowadays situations with your recognition of your work for a culture of peace and non-violence.
The thing is …. is controlling too many things and too long.-The mass media, military, even buying votes, giving voting rights to non-citizens, rumours that civil war would start if they did not win etc. Justice is nowhere to be found and corruption is worse. There are so many irregularities and frauds during the election and the result. Now I heard they made a forgery of the result. We are now like an egg with a rock. This is the reason why I write you this letter.
Thank you for your time reading my message. Cambodia is proud of to be a member of a world organization, United Nations. I am sure after you see this letter, you would do something.
By the way, I apologize for my poor English writing. It takes me a week to write this letter.

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