Joyeux anniversaire..!!

Le jour d' anniversaire, pour moi, n'est pas très important. Mais les souhaits sont beaucoup de fois plus d'importants au cas ils nous donnent l'émotion d'etre aimé. Je dépend de temps remercier ceux qui me souhaitent " joyeux anniversaire". Je veux que tout le monde a savoir quel heureux je suis de recevoir tous les... Lire la suite →


How to have a great smile!

Smiling is awesome. It helps ameliorer votre sante,  your attractiveness, and il raduit votre nouveau de stresse, raises your spirits and makes other people happy. Not even that, but it helps you to be a successful person. But teeth is very important to help you to have a confidence to smile. it's a very powerful thing to... Lire la suite →

Best shape is attractive?

Il y a beaucoup de différentes manières à décrir qq'un comme being attractive: belle/beau, gorgeous, cute, and hot.  To be hot = to be sexually attrative which means attractive in a mature way. To be sexually attractive, vous avez besions d'être comfortable with your own shape and savoir how to emphasize your best qualités. That doesn't mean you... Lire la suite →

Ghost trembles sleeping bus.

The story from the darker side of life is true. Hmm, some people think a ghost story may be any piece of fiction, or drama. They simply think it's an imagination of people making up something to be pleasure. But when it turns out to be true, they are not ready for it.Make sure you leave the light... Lire la suite →

Earth stops rotating??

First, I have to admit that I know nothing about our Earth of how it rotates, and why it rotates. But I doubt what would happen if once earth stops spinning itself. I mean one part is having a constant daytime and the other constant nighttime. It's complicated but it would be possible to have... Lire la suite →

Cultural change

Your computer needs to be updated  new programs which help improve your knowledge and facilitate your needs. It's quite similar to culture. The essence of culture change is about transforming philosophies, ideas, style, creativity, choices, and flexibility , so that aging is no longer synonymous with desease and illness. The purpose of the culture change is... Lire la suite →

t!t’s cre@t!on

At t!t's creat!on, we've been help!ng people to cre@te new photos, fun beaut!ful photos for @lmost @ year. Now we wanna help m@ke your photo projects funn!er, and more enjoyable, too. W!th!n th!s @rt!cle, you w!ll f!nd gre@t !de@s for shoot!ng @s well as concepts to gu!de you tow@rd gre@t results-and the photos you've @lw@ys... Lire la suite →

United Nations

I am a university student in Phnom Penh. I have been advised that only you who could help Cambodia's nowadays situations with your recognition of your work for a culture of peace and non-violence. The thing is .... is controlling too many things and too long.-The mass media, military, even buying votes, giving voting rights to... Lire la suite →

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