United Nations


I am a university student in Phnom Penh. I have been advised that only you who could help Cambodia’s nowadays situations with your recognition of your work for a culture of peace and non-violence.
The thing is …. is controlling too many things and too long.-The mass media, military, even buying votes, giving voting rights to non-citizens, rumours that civil war would start if they did not win etc. Justice is nowhere to be found and corruption is worse. There are so many irregularities and frauds during the election and the result. Now I heard they made a forgery of the result. We are now like an egg with a rock. This is the reason why I write you this letter.
Thank you for your time reading my message. Cambodia is proud of to be a member of a world organization, United Nations. I am sure after you see this letter, you would do something.
By the way, I apologize for my poor English writing. It takes me a week to write this letter.

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