IMG_031800Your computer needs to be updated  new programs which help improve your knowledge and facilitate your needs. It’s quite similar to culture. The essence of culture change is about transforming philosophies, ideas, style, creativity, choices, and flexibility , so that aging is no longer synonymous with desease and illness. The purpose of the culture change is to improve the quality of life which means  « cultivating » the lifestyles. To me it’s all really about what makes you happy. If it is a part of your culture to do sth that you don’t enjoy, there is no point to continue the tradition just because it is a tradition.

The reason I am writing you this is because I want to tell everyone to accept the arrival of the new culture which sometimes could be a killer of his/her culture and sometimes it could be a key to lock into a civilized world. I am not trying to tell you to do or to kill your heritage, but to accept human rights.