Ghost trembles sleeping bus.

JPG3488The story from the darker side of life is true. Hmm, some people think a ghost story may be any piece of fiction, or drama. They simply think it’s an imagination of people making up something to be pleasure. But when it turns out to be true, they are not ready for it.

Make sure you leave the light on while you are reading this!!

If you had seen any sleeping buses before, you would be able to imagine how it’s possible. This ghost story happened so recent.

17th August 2013 at 2:55AM , hot news about a bus accident at Pich Nill Hill lived. All the passengers on the bus, except my friends and me, disappeared. The story is this: a friend of mine asked me to have a short trip with her & her friends to Sihanoukville. I thought it would be much fun to celebrate my birthday’s party on the beach. So we booked sleeping bus tickets that leave at 1:25AM. Before the bus leaves, we met a man who later shared the same bus. He told us  » Dont take the last seat of night bus « .  I asked why and he said  » there was a young man who was killed by unknown passengers on that seat «  and he then left to the bus and we go to find the toilet. It took about 30 mn to find it, and when we found it; we realized we were late for the bus already. So we returned as soon as possible. At 2:00Am while we were running to the bus station, a bus came from nowhere that wrote « To Sihanoukville » stopped right infront of us. A man that told us about the ghost was just behind us and said  » Let’s go. The bus comes to take you guys to Sihanoukville ». We were so happy at first. We got on the bus, the lady welcomed us and told us to go to the last seats. Since the sleeping bus has up-seats and down-seat, we decidd to taket the up-seat which is enough for 4 of us. The bus seemed to run very smooth and fast. About 15 mn later, my friends and I were ready to sleep, but suddently I saw something moving at the down-seat. I looked straight to it. There was nothing. I saw it the second time, and I looked straight to it again, but this time I saw a young man with a bloody face mumbled my name. My friends saw the same thing. They looked at me. I shouted  out for help but suddenly there was no one one the bus beside us. We looked at each other. Then when we looked back the the down-seats. This time, we saw a young man was tied up. His tears were falling. His mouth was mumbling, seemed to ask for help. We frighten but we kept still lying on our seats. For about 5 minutes, the driver stoped the bus and came and said « Burn him and throw him to the hill ». He seemed not to see us. At 2:35AM, that poor young man was carried out of the bus and burned and threw to the hill. We could only watch. At 2:40AM, another bus came across stopped and ask but they found no one on this abandoned bus but us. The police came very soon after that. They found out that the bus was the vehicle of the murderers who killed an unknow young man and threw to the hill yesterday but they could not find who did that. About 10 mn later, reporters came and shot. Suddently, I realized that the bus driver that just came and the bus driver who murdered that young man was the same person. At that time, I didn’t understand what happened but then; I told the police to investigate the driver. This sounds complicated but it’s even worse if you were there. The driver really was a murderer. But  I myself still don’t understand why why why. 



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