If I die young

I’ve always wondered who would come to my funeral.

In the Buddhist world, we say that there are four miseries of life – birth, old-age, diseases and death. Everyone experiences death. Death and dying are an inévitable part of human life. But it seems like everybody is not ready for it. « Am I ready? » always ask myself. I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens. This makes no sense. No one is promised tomorrow. The only thing we can count on is today or now. Many deaths occur suddenly. Death can, and often does, strike without warning. My cousin said he hoped the death would allow him to move on more quickly. This is so selfish. You can’t ignore the problem by going off like that. Comitting suicide makes more problems to people surround us, especially our family & friends who truely love you. Lie means care for each other.

This is the reason why I am writing this while I can open my eyes doing what I want to do. I believe that this passage will be delivered if I die in any case.

  • I want people to smile to my face before they bury me.
  • I want people to encourage me(say: everything’s gonna be okay) to go to paradise alone since I’m scared & lonely.
  • I want to keep my photos to show to the younger generation of how good I was when I live.
  • And I want to keep my blogs.

I hope you better appreciate your life as a result.


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