Dear Death

« If you see this article by chance or attention, I demand you to close it immediately since this article contains my secrets »

IMG_1817Dear Death,

Today, I’ve been thinking a lot. While walking, while studying, while eating, I’ve been thinking about Happy, Sadness, Scare, then you, Mr.Death. Now, I can’t really walk well, can’t really study well, can’t really eat well because of your arrival. Now I have some questions for you:

  1. Why do we have to die?
  2. Why can’t we just stay alive?
  3. At what age will I die?
  4. What do you say if I refuse to die?
  5. What will happen after death?
  6. Does the death hurt?
  7. Where are you from?
  8. Can I come back after I die?

This morning, I spent a long long minutes on phone with my Aunt about my cousin’s death. She said the death is the only thing that could make us close to god. My dad told me once that death is a machine that produce new things. My mum said death is a mirror that shows us the beautify of life. I am not sure about this. Now I have a plan:

  • I will never ever play or talk to Mr.Death. 
  • I will run far far away and hide, so that Mr.Death will never ever find me.

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