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octobre 2013


01dfHello, operator? Mummie went to heaven, but I need her here today. My eyes hurt and I feel down. I need her here right away. Operator, can you tell me how to find her adress? Is the heaven is close to the sun? I really don’t know where to look. I think my dad needs her too. At night, I hear him crying. I hear him calling her name sometimes, but I really don’t know why. If I could call her, I’d tell her to come home. Is heaven far far away? Is it accross the sea? She’s gone a long long time. She needs to come home now. I really need to reach her, but I simply don’t know how. Help me find the number please, operator. I am sorry, operator. I didn’t mean to make you cry. Are your eyes hurting too? Mummie used to take wet towel to cover my eyes when it hurts. She used to read me books and sing me songs before I go to bed. But now who’s gonna sing and read books for me tonight?
Last time, I went out; my dad was driving his new car; my mum told me « Put your seat belt on, huney! Our destiny is so far ». Just few seconds after, there was a big truck with high speed coming from north toward mummie’s seat side. That was the last time I saw her and the last time I see. If you can her, operator, please tell her to come home.

Note: The boy is now blind. His mother died last year by accident.


Café’s stunts kid’s growth?

IMG_2462Bad news for those who love drinking café, especially to children. Café is considered to be in a type of soft drinks. The only soft drink that contains cafeine. It stunts kid’s growth, but luckily most kids don’t like café. As I’v learned from school, café contains a high caffeine that does causes the body to lose the calcium which the bone needs to grow. It can also interfere your sleep and cause you to feel exhausted or restless. When you are insomniac, this shorten the capacity of your growth.
Café is not only bad for kids but adults as well. Café raises both, blood pressure and cholesterol, and speed up your heart rate, according to Brown University.

But little amount of café is fine. Of course, you should drink more milk if you drink a lot of café.

Sexy photos might haunt you from your job.

IMG_25740Certains entre vous, peut-etre, aiment bien prendre des sexy photos. It’s a naturalist. It’s hmmm a favorite explosure, I agree; since you have never had a chance to go fully naked in the publique. But you really need to know its dangers. Internet is like a toilet with glass wall around. So everyone can see what you are doing in there. Since today’s a digital world, it’s pretty easy to forget that posting photographs and other sensitive information can fire you from your job.

Vous resemblez aussi vos parents

IMG_2744La nature est absolutement manifique et parfete. Chaque’un a son chromosome qui se joind celui de papa et maman.  Est-ce que vous avez imaginé comment votre visage sera a l’avenir?  Sans doute, traits are inherited from one generation to the next. Votre visage, peut-etre, resemble un entre vos parents ou le mixture. Dans ce cas lá, vous penserais que vous êtes super très différent. En effet, vous êtes pas loin de vos parents.

Dear Lazy

« If you see this article by chance or attention, I demand you to close it immediately since this article contains my secrets »

IMG_231830Dear lazy,

I have to say that you are so fidel,mister lazy. I really don’t understand why you keep staying with me all the time while I always try to go away from you. You are so bossy. I hate you. Almost everybody seems to want to avoid, yet very few people actually have any real clues as how to manage you. You, most of the time, control us, me for example.

Before you go any further, I wanna let you know that I have a new strong commitment against you. Well today I’m going to the rescue myself, because I’m going to teach myself how to overcome you. I wanna show you that I am no longer an easy target, NOT ANYMORE.

Why do some men wear panties?

IMG_23950Women wear panties to cover the area below their waists. And I agree that it looks wow. But hmmmm men do wear panties too? And their panties nowadays are nothing more than a string. I really doubt that. At the first time, what came into my mind was « What the hell is wrong with them? »(Certains entre eux sont mes frères). I intented, once or twice, to ask them why they didn’t strip if their panties looked almost like naked! but failed since I was not brave enough to ask. Last week, I just saw it. It was my brother’s. He told me that because they are comfortable, soft & stylish. I also found out that most of his panties are black (not only my brother’s). There are many reasons why he wears black panties. He said he liked the color.It looks sexy with him and he wants to feel desirable.

Is that it??

Buddhism to me!


Of course, I am Buddhist. Buddhism’s been rooting in my family’s culture for centuries. This is the reason why I don’t want to lose this beautiful culture. At the same time, I do not want to be a blind Buddhist, which means becoming Buddhist without knowing any Buddhist concepts. Let’s say that I am not a super fine Buddhist.

The name of Buddhism comes from the word buddhi which means « to wake up », thus buddhism can be said to be a philosophy of awakening. The word philosophy comes from 2 words Philo, means « love »; and sophia, means « wisdom ». So philosophy is de love of wisdom. And voila, it describes Buddhism perfectly. So, Buddha was totally man, like you and me. He taught us to believe in human’s intelligence « us », Man.
So why do I have to go to pagoda if I, actually, believe in myself? That’s even simple. This is my culture. I don’t wanna lose the culture that has been survived for many centuries.
What about the reason why I worship him? Haha.. For me, worship is to show respect to s.o we admire. For instance, When a teacher walks into a room, we stand up. When the national anthem is played, we salute. We greet, we bow, we shake hands, we sompeh. These are all gestures of respect to indicate our admiration.

Je viens d’ou?

IMG_1862Je viens d’ou? La réponse est toute simple. Je viens de ma mère. Je dois vous dire que la route de mes ancêtres est un peu compliquée mais super très intéressants.

Alors, ma mère est moitié Thailandaise-Laotienne. Son père était Laotien que est venu de  Laungphrabang. Sa mère de Nan. Elle était ethnique. Heureusement, tous les deux parlaient la même langue, Karen.

Quand à mon père. Il est sino-khmer. Mais il ne connait pas un mot de chinois. Son père était d’origine chinoise, mais né au Cambodge. Sa mère était Khmère (un petit peu métissé aussi avec le sang lao..), C’était un la petite cousine de mon grand-père maternel, celui de Luang Prabang.

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