Buddhism to me!


Of course, I am Buddhist. Buddhism’s been rooting in my family’s culture for centuries. This is the reason why I don’t want to lose this beautiful culture. At the same time, I do not want to be a blind Buddhist, which means becoming Buddhist without knowing any Buddhist concepts. Let’s say that I am not a super fine Buddhist.

The name of Buddhism comes from the word buddhi which means « to wake up », thus buddhism can be said to be a philosophy of awakening. The word philosophy comes from 2 words Philo, means « love »; and sophia, means « wisdom ». So philosophy is de love of wisdom. And voila, it describes Buddhism perfectly. So, Buddha was totally man, like you and me. He taught us to believe in human’s intelligence « us », Man.
So why do I have to go to pagoda if I, actually, believe in myself? That’s even simple. This is my culture. I don’t wanna lose the culture that has been survived for many centuries.
What about the reason why I worship him? Haha.. For me, worship is to show respect to s.o we admire. For instance, When a teacher walks into a room, we stand up. When the national anthem is played, we salute. We greet, we bow, we shake hands, we sompeh. These are all gestures of respect to indicate our admiration.

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