Why do some men wear panties?

IMG_23950Women wear panties to cover the area below their waists. And I agree that it looks wow. But hmmmm men do wear panties too? And their panties nowadays are nothing more than a string. I really doubt that. At the first time, what came into my mind was « What the hell is wrong with them? »(Certains entre eux sont mes frères). I intented, once or twice, to ask them why they didn’t strip if their panties looked almost like naked! but failed since I was not brave enough to ask. Last week, I just saw it. It was my brother’s. He told me that because they are comfortable, soft & stylish. I also found out that most of his panties are black (not only my brother’s). There are many reasons why he wears black panties. He said he liked the color.It looks sexy with him and he wants to feel desirable.

Is that it??


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