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novembre 2013

Personal essay

Please discuss how your participation would enhance your personal and professional goals, the current state of U.S. studies in your home country, or upon the institute. Include how attending this institute would help you achieve the “Other Potential Outcomes” you have checked above. Do not use more than 250 words. Place the number of words in parentheses at the end of your essay.

College and other skills training provide considerable opportunity for professional development, which can be crucial to qualifying for a job after the graduation. There are many advantages to attending training classes, but having the right training at the right time can strive us for a perfection.
There is a sense that after attending this institute, I would learn how to work with others, problem-solving abilities and cultivate critical-thinking, and foster the communication skills that employers want to see in the workplace. Another advantage of attending this institute is that I can become more valuable as a service provider or employee. In non-professional occupations, training classes can be beneficial even if they are not required. For instance: employees who want to get ahead should take advantage of any appropriate training the employer offers, especially overseas.
Everyone in the study abroad field believes that it could greatly impact a student’s life. That is so true. I, personally, experienced once the study abroad. When I came back, I was totally a new person. I learned a lot more about myself in that one month than I did in the three and a half years in my home school because of the unique space in which I learned, experienced, and spent exploring another culture.
Overal, I believe you would…


Dreaded, dreadful, deadly roads

5It’s a pretty pitiful to joke around among our national roads. Many highways have been a nightmare for years.

Thought we were riding a horse  but, once we looked around – a horse couldn’t pull 4-5 people. So, it must have been fewer horses. Then, took out our iPad to check how to ride horses faster. After reading all the instructions, we found out that our horses were not in the front. We looked out from the windows, we only see big giant turtles moving slowly along the river. We could see that some vihicles are designed with horses pushing from the back. In our mind, we thought « horses must be at the back ». It was quite strange as well to have horses pulling or pushing from the back, but where else it could be.

Then, a motodop uninternationally said « Roads there are too narrow, too curvy, too bumpy. You’d hit all these bumps and ruin your car ». « What, what, what? » repeated papa, « We are actually in the car? ». Of course, I opened my eyes widely with shock looking at maman. We didn’t realize we were driving car. Those big giant turtles are cars. Vihicles that which horses pushing from the back are actualy people who push their broken car.

This road has been widened for almost a decade, but it’s just that all the dollars have been eating up.

L’Esclave Salarié

IMG_2593-horzDouter c’est quoi l’esclave salarié? Au Cambodge, on dit « l’esclave légal ». Le travailleur est, en fait, l’esclave salarié. Il est aussi payé mais il travaille jusqu’à la mort. Il travaille justement pour se nourrir des déchets (Les pauvres mangent ce que les riches jettent). Dans l’Antiquité, les esclaves étaient presque mieux considérés. Au moins on les regardait comme un truc coûtant une fortune. Et puisque les esclaves coûtaient chers, les maîtres les traitaient comme des possessions de valeur. En sommaire, ils étaient traités comme la propriétaire. Et la propriétaire coûta très cher.  Puisque les esclaves étaient chers, les maîtres donc les ont traités comme les possessions de valeur.
Au Cambodge, « Kingdom of Wonder; so true that we wonder all the time », les travailleurs peuvent se comparer à des animaux domestiques – ou pire (il faudrait inviter un nouveau mot pour décrire ce qu’ils sont).

A train explosion

7« A train explosion by a terrorist trembles the national attention on half million deaths and another 1 million injuries. The investigation of the train explosion was continuing when there were another train explosions in Sihanoukville. Many residents  who live close to the train station of central of Phnom Penh  city was evacuated this early Monday, after several cars and the station exploded.« 

Most chanels live this hot news. I just heard the terrible explosion – it was a little after 9a.m., and of course, I jumped out of the bed; and ran to see the spectacular flames and smoke that 10-km-away-people could clearly see. It was burning really big. Wispering to myself that I was lucky to arrive home just 2 hours after the explosion since I also took that train 2 hours go. Without wasting any moment, I tried to call to my parents who’ve got holidays to Sihanoukville, but the number couldn’t be reached. Few minutes later, mum called me. I picked it up but mum could not hear me, even I spoke super loudly. At least, I feel better to know that my parents are safe. Feeling so tired, I fall asleep. Three hours later, the noise  of my neighbors in front of my house woke me up. The ambulance brought  out a dead body covered with white blanket. Depends on my curiosity, I could not control myself staying at home pretending that I saw nothing, so I went out. It was a dead young man who half burned. I wondered as well who that would be.


Culture comparison.

Culture comparison

IMG_31251Japan: if u can do it, i also can do. If no one can do it, i must do it.
Cambodia: if u can do it, i don’t need to do it. If no one do it, there is no way i can do it.

France: this is so hard. Maybe let me try.
Cambodia: this is so hard. I’ll never make it.

America:  Life is too short. Let’s make a difference.
Cambodia: To live longer, try to be similaire.

Thailand: Khun phut Thai dai mai?
Cambodia: Do you speak English?

Germany: Why don’t we use our products since it’s better in term of quality.
Cambodia: Why don’t we import more things?

China: Buy more, price goes down.
Cambodia: Buy more, pay more.

Korea: The first in line will be attended to first.
Cambodia: Excuse me, I am in hurry.

Singapore: Try to read the instructions before we do the exercice.
Cambodia: Try to ask  what to do before we do exercice.

Australia: Travel more, explore new possibilities.
Cambodia: Stay home, produce babies.

Advice: I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry.

Time machine

IMG_2334A man lost his fiancée who died in 1963 by a truck while she was about to across the road running to hug him at the other side of the road. When she left, he was incomprehensible sorrow. Thinking about his endless lover, he can’t really live for his life. But the power of love, the love that never fades, the man has an incredible imagination of bringing her back to him. He’s finally invented a Time Machine. Without wasting any moment, he transports himself through time to rescue his lover. How unfortunate, the same truck is already heading to the girl, so the man runs as fast as he can to push her from the truck to the edge of the road. This time,  he didn’t make it for himself. He died in the accident instead.
Now this nightmare turns to the girl’s fate. She lost her fiancé who rescued her.  She lost her legs while the accident. The city was alive all around her, but her mind and heart are all dead with her fiancé. But her love towards her fiancé never fades away, she struggles to live and build a Time Machine. And she did it. Sitting in the wheelchair with hugging her fiancé’s portrait, she clicks the button to travel back time. The same truck is heading to the same direction with the same speed. The girl was looking for her lover with a smile of hope. The world is unfair as we already know, her fiancé who used to be her fiancé has another a girlfriend. He doesn’t even know her.  Who’s gonna love the girl without legs? Tears drop like ocean, she moves her wheelchair slowly with a painful smile. She must accept the truth.

fille ou garçon?

A IFL, à la canteen, un monsieur parle a son voisin:

A: Regarder un jeune lá-bas avec les cheveux courts et jeans bleu. C’est une fille ou un garçon?

B: C’est une fille. Elle est ma fille.

A: Ah, bon? Je suis vraiment désolé, monsieur. Je ne savais pas que vous étiez son père.

B: Je suis pas son père. Je suis sa mère.

« I love you »

Tum and Teav we’re best friends. Teav is girl, and Tum is boy. Tum and Teav didn’t care what people thought they they were going out. Secretly, Teav wished Tum would ask her out;; she thought it was going to happen. Tum was one of the TOP 10 most popular boys in their school when they went to high-school. He was the cute cute boy whome everygirl loved. Teav didn’t think much of it. She thought he’d turn to her for a date. Tum was the only guy she cared about, no-one else. She rejected everyone who asked her out.
One day, Tum got asked by a girl who fitted his personality. He excitely said « yes » and told Teav what had happened. Teav was shocked. The girl was completely different from her. But she said « OKEY ». Tum was happier then ever. But at the same time, it depressed Teav seeing all this happennings. She had to watch them holding each other’s hands, hug,.. It got even worse when they kiss amorously. Teav cried all nights, all days.
Teav wanted to see his face but she could not bear to see his girlfriend. What could she possibily do? She stayed on facebook for him. He came on sometimes.

« Teav: Hi.
Tum: Hey,
Teav: How are you?
Tum: Better then ever, you?
Teav: Hmmmm, I guess so.
Tum: What’s wrong bébé?
Teav: Doesn’t matter.
Tum: But I don’t want my bestfriend being sad. Tell me bébé.
Teav: Your girlfriend.
Tum: What about her? Has she said sth bad?
Teav: No. It’s just.. I thought you said I was your girl, not her..
Tum: I know. But this is gonna happen for couple more weeks. Anyway, I got to go now.
Teav: Bye.
Tum: I love you more then her. Bye.. »

Teav was touched by his last words. So she decided to go back to school again. When she got there, Tum ran over to hug her while his girlfriend wasn’t there. Well, Tum was still going out with his girlfriend, and Teav accepted it. She knew it would come to an end. Well, she hoped; and he did too. Tum and Teav grew stronger, and his girlfriend grea apart. Days passed…
One day, Teav looked through the album photographs of them. She miss those days a lot. She took the picture him hugging her with eye staring her with love. She knew she needed to do sth to take him back otherwise she had no-one. She had thought about suicide before but she passed that over. The next day, Tum was having time with his girlfriend. Teav  went to toilet and locked herself crying. SHe took a black pen out and wrote sth about her emotion on the toilet’s door.
Three months later, Teav was asked to go into the head teacher’s office.

 » Teav, we can see what’s happenning to you. You are so thin, and you seem to be lonely. What happened to Tum? »

After hearing Tum, she cried, teared, and screamed.

« He doesn’t love me. He said he did but he doesn’t. » she cried pitifully.
« Don’t worry, you will find s.o else someday » head teacher said and hugged her.

After an hour of explaining, the head teacher knew what to do. THen Teav left home to rest to forget Tum when she knew it was not gonna work. One evening, Tum came over. He was crying too.

« Bébé, I don’t what i’ve done. I should have never done this. » Cried Tum. »What shall I do »

« I don’t care. I don’t think. I live long enough » Teav answered weakly.

Tum looked in her eyes. He could see weakness. He could he was going to be a murderer. Unless he changes one thing. He rang his girlfriend immediately.

« It’s over » scream via phone, « I am a destroyer. I should have said no to you »

« why honey,.. Is it..? »his girlfriend paused. She knew what he meant.

« Yes » he looked at Teav and putting her into him.

They kissed passionately. Teav was so happy, and so Tum was.

« Thank you » he said with smile of love.

They made out more. Teav leaned onto his chest and they fell backwards on her bed. They cuddle, kiss, then they stop after a while.

« I love you » he said with smile.

La chambre du suicide

IMG_220010Je suis heureux mais je suis pas heureux. J’ai grandi et j’ai envie de parler ce que je veux. Laissez -moi parler de l’expérience du suicide, de l’art de se tuer, du meurtre voulu de  soi-même. N’importe comment vous le dire, suicide n’est pas rigolo. Des milliers de gens se suicident aujourd’hui. Il y a 500-600 attempts made (tentatives). On se suicide surtout quand on entre dans l’age adulte, tout particuliarement les jeuns gays. Pourquoi les homos se suicident-ils? Bullying et Rejection; Discrimination et Hate; Depression et Homophobia. C’est vrai que je suis homo mais je suis aussi un être humain. Et j’ai aussi des sentiments. Fag, Jerk, Sissy, Gay, à quoi d’autre vous pouvez pense encore? Les mots font plus mal que vous ne croyez. Être homo n’est pas un choix, just like being straight is not a choice! Que pouvez-vous faire avec ça? C’est pas très sympa de détester les gens pour ce qu’ils sont. Je veux pas être aimé pour ce que je prétends être. C’est justement l’amour. Why is everyone so scared of? Dites que c’est ça va d’être homo. Soutenez vos ami(e)s homos, donnez  leur du courage. Let’s end the hate and spread the love. Leave the hate away, and save the life of someone..!

All I ask for is  » Love et Acceptance, Equality et peace« 


2A late Sunday morning, there was a young couple made their way to have picnic at the park. They have been together for nearly 5 years. And the young wife has a secret she wanted to share. Something that she had long suspected but waiting for the right day to confirm. It was about her pregnant baby. She went to see the doctor, she got a good news that the baby was a healthy male twin. Then from behind, there was a stranger holding a gun, standing up straight, staring at them. The couple turned slowly look at the stranger pointing the gun toward them. « Don’t shoot » said the husband, »please; I have money ». The husband suddently reached to his pocket to get his wallet. « We have money » said the husband as he held his hand up in the air. But still, the stranger made no sounds or any movement. The wife studied a moment that the stranger was about to shoot, so she screamed, « Boom ».. The husband fell down on the mat immediately. After the the boom, the wife slowly grapped the picnic sharp knife, and rapidely striked the stranger’s throat. The stranger fell down with his body bleeding out. The wife sat for a moment, and felt a sharp pain from her stomach. That was gun shot. Thinking of her lover and babies, she could not see her life continuing all alone again that the emotional pain was too much for her to bare. She hoped that she would see them both at the otherside of heaven. So she decided to finish her life there.

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