2A late Sunday morning, there was a young couple made their way to have picnic at the park. They have been together for nearly 5 years. And the young wife has a secret she wanted to share. Something that she had long suspected but waiting for the right day to confirm. It was about her pregnant baby. She went to see the doctor, she got a good news that the baby was a healthy male twin. Then from behind, there was a stranger holding a gun, standing up straight, staring at them. The couple turned slowly look at the stranger pointing the gun toward them. « Don’t shoot » said the husband, »please; I have money ». The husband suddently reached to his pocket to get his wallet. « We have money » said the husband as he held his hand up in the air. But still, the stranger made no sounds or any movement. The wife studied a moment that the stranger was about to shoot, so she screamed, « Boom ».. The husband fell down on the mat immediately. After the the boom, the wife slowly grapped the picnic sharp knife, and rapidely striked the stranger’s throat. The stranger fell down with his body bleeding out. The wife sat for a moment, and felt a sharp pain from her stomach. That was gun shot. Thinking of her lover and babies, she could not see her life continuing all alone again that the emotional pain was too much for her to bare. She hoped that she would see them both at the otherside of heaven. So she decided to finish her life there.

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