« I love you »

Tum and Teav we’re best friends. Teav is girl, and Tum is boy. Tum and Teav didn’t care what people thought they they were going out. Secretly, Teav wished Tum would ask her out;; she thought it was going to happen. Tum was one of the TOP 10 most popular boys in their school when they went to high-school. He was the cute cute boy whome everygirl loved. Teav didn’t think much of it. She thought he’d turn to her for a date. Tum was the only guy she cared about, no-one else. She rejected everyone who asked her out.
One day, Tum got asked by a girl who fitted his personality. He excitely said « yes » and told Teav what had happened. Teav was shocked. The girl was completely different from her. But she said « OKEY ». Tum was happier then ever. But at the same time, it depressed Teav seeing all this happennings. She had to watch them holding each other’s hands, hug,.. It got even worse when they kiss amorously. Teav cried all nights, all days.
Teav wanted to see his face but she could not bear to see his girlfriend. What could she possibily do? She stayed on facebook for him. He came on sometimes.

« Teav: Hi.
Tum: Hey,
Teav: How are you?
Tum: Better then ever, you?
Teav: Hmmmm, I guess so.
Tum: What’s wrong bébé?
Teav: Doesn’t matter.
Tum: But I don’t want my bestfriend being sad. Tell me bébé.
Teav: Your girlfriend.
Tum: What about her? Has she said sth bad?
Teav: No. It’s just.. I thought you said I was your girl, not her..
Tum: I know. But this is gonna happen for couple more weeks. Anyway, I got to go now.
Teav: Bye.
Tum: I love you more then her. Bye.. »

Teav was touched by his last words. So she decided to go back to school again. When she got there, Tum ran over to hug her while his girlfriend wasn’t there. Well, Tum was still going out with his girlfriend, and Teav accepted it. She knew it would come to an end. Well, she hoped; and he did too. Tum and Teav grew stronger, and his girlfriend grea apart. Days passed…
One day, Teav looked through the album photographs of them. She miss those days a lot. She took the picture him hugging her with eye staring her with love. She knew she needed to do sth to take him back otherwise she had no-one. She had thought about suicide before but she passed that over. The next day, Tum was having time with his girlfriend. Teav  went to toilet and locked herself crying. SHe took a black pen out and wrote sth about her emotion on the toilet’s door.
Three months later, Teav was asked to go into the head teacher’s office.

 » Teav, we can see what’s happenning to you. You are so thin, and you seem to be lonely. What happened to Tum? »

After hearing Tum, she cried, teared, and screamed.

« He doesn’t love me. He said he did but he doesn’t. » she cried pitifully.
« Don’t worry, you will find s.o else someday » head teacher said and hugged her.

After an hour of explaining, the head teacher knew what to do. THen Teav left home to rest to forget Tum when she knew it was not gonna work. One evening, Tum came over. He was crying too.

« Bébé, I don’t what i’ve done. I should have never done this. » Cried Tum. »What shall I do »

« I don’t care. I don’t think. I live long enough » Teav answered weakly.

Tum looked in her eyes. He could see weakness. He could he was going to be a murderer. Unless he changes one thing. He rang his girlfriend immediately.

« It’s over » scream via phone, « I am a destroyer. I should have said no to you »

« why honey,.. Is it..? »his girlfriend paused. She knew what he meant.

« Yes » he looked at Teav and putting her into him.

They kissed passionately. Teav was so happy, and so Tum was.

« Thank you » he said with smile of love.

They made out more. Teav leaned onto his chest and they fell backwards on her bed. They cuddle, kiss, then they stop after a while.

« I love you » he said with smile.


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