Time machine

IMG_2334A man lost his fiancée who died in 1963 by a truck while she was about to across the road running to hug him at the other side of the road. When she left, he was incomprehensible sorrow. Thinking about his endless lover, he can’t really live for his life. But the power of love, the love that never fades, the man has an incredible imagination of bringing her back to him. He’s finally invented a Time Machine. Without wasting any moment, he transports himself through time to rescue his lover. How unfortunate, the same truck is already heading to the girl, so the man runs as fast as he can to push her from the truck to the edge of the road. This time,  he didn’t make it for himself. He died in the accident instead.
Now this nightmare turns to the girl’s fate. She lost her fiancé who rescued her.  She lost her legs while the accident. The city was alive all around her, but her mind and heart are all dead with her fiancé. But her love towards her fiancé never fades away, she struggles to live and build a Time Machine. And she did it. Sitting in the wheelchair with hugging her fiancé’s portrait, she clicks the button to travel back time. The same truck is heading to the same direction with the same speed. The girl was looking for her lover with a smile of hope. The world is unfair as we already know, her fiancé who used to be her fiancé has another a girlfriend. He doesn’t even know her.  Who’s gonna love the girl without legs? Tears drop like ocean, she moves her wheelchair slowly with a painful smile. She must accept the truth.


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