A train explosion

7« A train explosion by a terrorist trembles the national attention on half million deaths and another 1 million injuries. The investigation of the train explosion was continuing when there were another train explosions in Sihanoukville. Many residents  who live close to the train station of central of Phnom Penh  city was evacuated this early Monday, after several cars and the station exploded.« 

Most chanels live this hot news. I just heard the terrible explosion – it was a little after 9a.m., and of course, I jumped out of the bed; and ran to see the spectacular flames and smoke that 10-km-away-people could clearly see. It was burning really big. Wispering to myself that I was lucky to arrive home just 2 hours after the explosion since I also took that train 2 hours go. Without wasting any moment, I tried to call to my parents who’ve got holidays to Sihanoukville, but the number couldn’t be reached. Few minutes later, mum called me. I picked it up but mum could not hear me, even I spoke super loudly. At least, I feel better to know that my parents are safe. Feeling so tired, I fall asleep. Three hours later, the noise  of my neighbors in front of my house woke me up. The ambulance brought  out a dead body covered with white blanket. Depends on my curiosity, I could not control myself staying at home pretending that I saw nothing, so I went out. It was a dead young man who half burned. I wondered as well who that would be.



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