Dreaded, dreadful, deadly roads

5It’s a pretty pitiful to joke around among our national roads. Many highways have been a nightmare for years.

Thought we were riding a horse  but, once we looked around – a horse couldn’t pull 4-5 people. So, it must have been fewer horses. Then, took out our iPad to check how to ride horses faster. After reading all the instructions, we found out that our horses were not in the front. We looked out from the windows, we only see big giant turtles moving slowly along the river. We could see that some vihicles are designed with horses pushing from the back. In our mind, we thought « horses must be at the back ». It was quite strange as well to have horses pulling or pushing from the back, but where else it could be.

Then, a motodop uninternationally said « Roads there are too narrow, too curvy, too bumpy. You’d hit all these bumps and ruin your car ». « What, what, what? » repeated papa, « We are actually in the car? ». Of course, I opened my eyes widely with shock looking at maman. We didn’t realize we were driving car. Those big giant turtles are cars. Vihicles that which horses pushing from the back are actualy people who push their broken car.

This road has been widened for almost a decade, but it’s just that all the dollars have been eating up.


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