Sexual Desire

Which one of these two people are you attracted to? If you are girl, and you are attracted to the right photo, it means you are lesbien.

This’s gonna rock you up! Kikikiki

Sexual desire, which is also called « love » is an sexual attraction between two parties. And sexual attraction refers to the sexual feeling for someone else. It can  be physical and emotional that talk about external sexual attraction and internal sexual attraction. It’s an ability that can arose us to do a wildy sexual attraction once it becomes uncontrolable. This is, of course, something that you can’t plan. It will just happen between you and that person. Have you ever met s.o and felt heat among yourself? You will find it’s difficult to stay away from them. You will find any reason to get closer. This happens even toward the same same sex (which is called homosexual).  If you think you are attracted to others of the same sex, you may be confused or frustrated still this is not a disaster,you are certainly not alone. But what you have to worry about is that you have never experienced this.


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