Genetic limits muscle growth

IMG_4195Have you ever seen s.o with a big muscle? What, first, comes to your brain is he/she works out hardly or maybe you think that they know the best way to work out, or to go on diet! Me too, of course. But have you ever seen s.o who goes to gym everyday, perhaps even twice a day, strictly diet, still, they are fat? Have you ever seen s.o who eats so so much, but still skinny? And you’ll absolutely doubt that.

A friend of mine was told to train hard and intelligently, to follow the nutritional program, ect. He push-ups and sit ups like 100 times/day.  But he is just not getting any bigger. My answer is « the genetic prevents the muscle growth when it reaches its limit ». I’ve checked the schientific secret of strength and muscle growth, it reveals that myostatin controls the size of the muscle growth, and this myostatin varies depend on the genetic. This is the reason why some dudes get ripped easily and some struggle to. Now notice this « you’ll occasionally see some muscle guys in the gym doing just so fine,as well you’ll occasionally see some short fat dudes who look like they have never been seen the inside of a gym but they’re never absent ».


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