« Goodnight kiss »

Hello papa maman,

I guess  it’s been a year now. I really really miss you. My teacher said you are safe now. It’s a beautiful place call « heaven ». Well, we have your favorite dinner tonight. And I ate it all up, eventhough; I don’t like salade. I started to learn how to swim today. I can even open my eyes while I am under the water. Can you see me? IMG_0433

I started the kindergarden this year. When I go to school, I carry a picture of us to show everyone in the class. Everyone is so jealous. You are the greatest papa maman. I can swing on the swing by myself now, eventhough; I miss you pushing me. Can you see me? Maman, do you remeber you did message my head when I have headeach? Now my head hurts. I try not to cry. I know you don’t like it when I cry. I try, papa maman, but it hurts. Is it true that you are not coming home? Maybe someday, I can visit you in heaven,ok? It’s time for me to go bed now. I sleep with the light on. Just in case you come home and kiss me a good night. I love you so much. I miss you so much.


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