The feeling ofter graduation

5Tit, you are finally here now. The day you’ve always wanted. The student time is over. It’s here. I’ve been looking forward to the graduation since I first started my university. It’s here now. It’s finally here. Am I happy now?

I really have no words to say. I don’t want to leave home to see my friends saying « good bye ». My hands are shaking, my mouth is trembling while my eyes are turning red to cry. In fact, graduation is supposed to be a happy time, but I am laughing while my tears roll down my face. Why am I not happy? 

I ordinarily think my class is boring. Now it turns out that my class everything I’ve got. The few days before the last day of school, I’d asked everyone to dress nicely for the last shot together at once. But I, myself, didn’t make it. I thought, at first, that everyone wouldn’t dress like I demanded; in contrast, they were all wating for me with hope and smile. As soon I got in the class, everyone was there. They were all there. Some of them snobbing after seeing me. I, soon, learned that they love me. Surely enough that, it hurts me badly. I feel ike I need to try out different avenues to face them.

« Be happy! Be happy! » I talk to myself, « this is just the ending of the chapter of life ». But as soon as I..


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