Aliens attack?

CHAN Chrisna, a Cambodian astronaut, was officially reported missing yesterday after his car was found abandoned outside the border of Laos late last week. Authorities have no clues at this time to explain his disappearance. Two days later after the report, a helicopter of the 6 training pilots crashed the Mont Oudong. The investigators proclaimed that no dead bodies have been found and they have no any clues to this possible whereabouts to explain this sudden disappearance. Similar stories with the Malaysia airlines, MH370, which carried 277 passengers and 12 crew, disappeared on 8th March 2014 after leaving Kuala Lumpur toward Beijing about 50 minutes. Could this be a terrorisme? Attached with each case, people had seen super-bright objects like starships took off from the place where the victims disappeared. But the missing Malaysia airlines is not yet revealed. Can it be an Alien attack?


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