Why does coffee make you stay awake?

IMG_0402The world’s most favorite drink or drug? How does it actually work? Do you wonder why coffee makes you stay awake? This is for all the café fans out there (which includes me)! Recently, I’ve just read an article about coffee on our brain. The thing is « In our brain, there are chemical sells called <Adenosine>. This chemical makes you feel tired. When you drink coffee, the Caffeine goes to replace the Adenosine which makes you feel fresch and awake. »
If so, why is it bad to drink it a lot? In fact, it is so simple. Once the Caffeine doubles its number, the Adenosine comes back to replace the position of Caffeine. The more Adenosines, the more tired you feel.
Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Check yourself why! Then tell me!!


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