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septembre 2014

Chers Réfugiés australiens

Messieurs, Mesdames,

???????????????????????????????J’ai appris que vous avez voyagé des milliers kilometres de la maisonpays pour trouver des mieux abris. J’ai quand meme appris que vous avez tente d’aller aux pays du nord qui sont beaucoup plus agreable, comme Australie. Malheureusement, vous etes refuses et renvoyes au Cambodge. Personnellement, je pense que c’est une chance de vous recevoir. Pourquoi en pense-je? J’aimerais voir le nouveau visage du Cambodge a l’avenir. J’aimerais voir ce que vous pouvez faire au Cambodge et equalement pour le Cambodge. En meme temps, je m’inquiete extremement de vous. Quand vous voyez la situation economique au Cambodge, que vous travaillez? Vous parlez aucun mot en Khmer. Vous connaissez rien du tout du Cambodge, des cambodgiens, que vous faites? Aussi, la minorite des khmers sont aussi un peu racistes, que vous faites? De toute de facons, vous etes bienvenue.


Les ados en danger

10623581_10152777730513489_8805824779700199980_oC’est l’heure ou le public a le pouvoir de savoir tout ce qu’il doit savoir. L’internet est un moyen d’apprendre, se communiquer,se partager, avoir du plaisir,..ext. Au meme temps, au moin 25% du total des demandes de recherche accede au site de la pornographie. Au Cambodge, 35% du total de la population sont les adolescents, l’age de 12-24 ans. 10705187_10152784602963489_1872560738_nEnfait, quand l’internet est de plus en plus facile d’acceder, les ados accedent la pornographie de plus en plus facile. Au meme temps, ils trouvent pas un moyen de pratiquer. Alors, ils violent

Smoking helps your lung to have a cancer successfully and faster!

Dear friends,

10688125_10152749402288489_607292886580450031_oAfter days and weeks of searching, I have found a helpful trick to die faster and slower and, of course, harder. Millions thanks to the founder of Tobacco who has been helping  for more than 100 million people worldwide to die in the 20th Century. And this could lead to a billion people if the current trends continue. Do you know that Lung cancer has one of the lowest survival rates of all cancers? If you don’t, know it from now. If you do, why don’t you give it a try? And it isn’t the most common cause of cancer death in Cambodia yet, not yet, not now. The good news is that not-yet-most common death aren’t preventable, by smoking more and more. It does not even help you to have a perfect lung cancer but its smoke helps as well other people around you who breath in the fume. Also, smoking increases the risks of at least 13 other cancers. For women, for those who wish to remove one or both boobs from your breast, smoking is also a choice.

Popping your pimples: good or bad Idea?

10553729_10152761545823489_7214421323234289299_oOnce you see an acne visible on your face, a temptation to promptly squeeze it all to make it go away faster comes up irresistibly, right? It looks so simple but it isn’t.  Do you know that popping you pimples is the worse idea ever? I guess you might not believe me. Not yet. But after a quick scan of this article, you will realize the truth about popping pimples: it can leave scars and bruises, and it even causes an infection to have bigger pimples. It really does. Think about where your hands and fingers have been: you pick up germs/bacteria.. Think about after popping your acne: you open up your skin to the germs/bacteria.. Now, still want to crush as hard as you can?


Starving or buying iPads? Still feel peaceful?

Can you write a definition of peace? Is « peace » like « piece »? To me, peace is a hug between two opposite people in war. Peace is a living in harmony with myself and with people around me. Peace is happiness. Peace is a smile. When everybody can smile together, peace says hi to us. Totally peace is an environment with love and happiness where you always feel safe and free. Actually, I am writing this article is just to raise the awareness related to Peace Culture in our communities.

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