Smoking helps your lung to have a cancer successfully and faster!

Dear friends,

10688125_10152749402288489_607292886580450031_oAfter days and weeks of searching, I have found a helpful trick to die faster and slower and, of course, harder. Millions thanks to the founder of Tobacco who has been helping  for more than 100 million people worldwide to die in the 20th Century. And this could lead to a billion people if the current trends continue. Do you know that Lung cancer has one of the lowest survival rates of all cancers? If you don’t, know it from now. If you do, why don’t you give it a try? And it isn’t the most common cause of cancer death in Cambodia yet, not yet, not now. The good news is that not-yet-most common death aren’t preventable, by smoking more and more. It does not even help you to have a perfect lung cancer but its smoke helps as well other people around you who breath in the fume. Also, smoking increases the risks of at least 13 other cancers. For women, for those who wish to remove one or both boobs from your breast, smoking is also a choice.

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