Why is self-acceptance so hard for you?

10649088_10152842475883489_3790299838773305985_oWhen someone looks up at you, you might think:

  • Am I alien?
  • Am I a loser?
  • Am I weird?
  • Am I ugly?
  • Is there something wrong with me?

You hate the way people look at you. You feel sad. You can’t leave your home because you feel that you are still ugly.

Accepting ourselves unconditionally is difficult, I know. It’s because you can’t give up your greed or jealousy.  Once you see someone in the bureau dressing in suit which looks perfectly fit him/her while you dress in T-shirt with jeans, in your mind, you’d think « wow »; and of course, you’d want to be like that person. In the opposite, when that person sees you, he/she might think « wow, how an easy life he’s got/she’s got ». This is because you never feel enough for yourself. You might not even know that the word « enough » exists. Sometimes, you think if you punish yourself enough, you’ll change. Believe me, this never comes. It’s  because we are human, a creature that never gets enough.

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