Last hug

IMG_1020Dad told me that grandma would come tomorrow. I feel like it’s a dream. That night I woke up twice. At 3 am, I heard dad talked on the phone. I ran to down stair but saw no one. I cried and asked dad where grandma was. He told me to go back to bed. I couldn’t fall asleep, so I stayed awake for one hour. Suddenly, grandma called me from living room. She said « I’m here, sunshine » with a tiring voice. I threw off my covers and ran to the living room.. I saw grandma sitting in the couch with a smile on her face. She hugged me and gave me lots of kisses. I hugged her as hard as I could. Then grandma said « now, you must get some sleep ». I fell asleep in my grandma’s arms. At 9 am, I woke up but I found myself in my bed. « Grandma must have carried me to bed last night » I thought, « she is the bestest ever ever ». I went down stair to the kitchen where I found dad sitting upright and mum crying. « Did dad lose his job again? », I asked mum. She looked at me and nodded and shaked her head slowly and forced to smile. « Grandma loves you but she can’t come today », mum said. I asked her why and mum said « grandma’s in a beautiful place ». I was old enough to understand. « Beautiful like the flower garden we saw on the TV? » I asked in order to comfort um and myself.  » like the flower garden we saw on the TV. Even better. It’s where everyone’s kind and no fight. », mum replied. I hugged mum so tight. I realized that grandma gave me the last hug. I should not have slept that night, so that I could hug longer. I am regret.



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