???????????????????????????????Born on the street, never know the warmth of a home, survive on toilet water and leftovers from some few kind people all of the life. Uncle Vuth is now found injured and unable to move. No body cares. Howling in pain for 3 days. No body hears. Lying helplessly on the street while calling out for help. No body sees. Finally, he’s found like a dead rat with pinkles all over his body. Doctor found multiple problems. One of them is Cancer. He could not walk because he was too weak. He wanted to talk but he could not. He was dying. He didn’t have much time left. He was too much in discomfort, still he didn’t want to be put to sleep. He wanted to go by himself, naturally. And if possible, he wanted to die in a home, to feel the warmth and love of home for the first time. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it.