wonderful world?

1lots of children cry for food but unheard. countless animals die out across the world because they have no where left to live. the rate of the plant exstinction is in the range of 1000 times faster then the natural rate estimated. this is caused by you. don’t you feel like you are a parasite on earth?

you donno how to fix the holes in the ozonelayer. you donno how to bring back even one animal that has exstincted. you donno how u bring back the forest that once was where its now a desert. if you donno how to fix it, please stop breaking it. i beg you.

this message is for all of you. you have watches, bicycles, computers, cars, tv sets. the list can go on for 2 days. why are you who has everything still so greedy? why are you afraid to share, even when you have more then enough? why do you need more?

at school, you teach us to share, to respect others, to not to hurt other creatures, to not to fight with others, to work things out, and to clean up our mess..! you teach us how to behave. then why do you go out and do the things you tell us not to do? did you have to worry about these things when you were my age?



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