Sexy is not a mistake

IMG_1651Dear all the Khmers,

First of all, I’d like to apologize in advance for my inconvenient words that are used in the text. It just comes from my deep heart. I know it’s a culture thing. But we can change it once it’s not good. For example: Girls were not allowed to go to school. It’s also a culture thing. But why we could open our heart for the change? And why not wearing sexy?
I have read and watched one article that criticize girls who wear sexy. Can you stop praising those who lie and stop insult those who speak the truth? Now rewind your brain to 10 years ago! Girls were not allowed to wear shorts. There even were traffic police who tried to catch those who wore shorts walking. That’s funny, huh. Now, tons tons of girls nowadays wear shorts, super shorts, walking at the malls, staying late night, hanging out with guys.. I have asked my friends who wear sexy clothes. They told me that wearing sexy clothes is not supposed to attract guys to have sex with. Sexy for them is fashion.
Now you have to choices to choose:

  1. a girl who dress perfectly like what you want, but her heart is a terrorist.
  2. a girl who dress super sexy not like you wish for, but she has a pure heart.

I guess you get my message to you. Remember: before you judge, please, think.

Message to sexy girls: I support you. You always have me.

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