Don’t go

IMG_039300Days are terrible, nights are better. I´m still trying to sleep, so time will go by faster. Than I can forget  what you have done to us. Every morning I wake up, I always think it’s just a dream but it’s not. So do show youself. I can’t bear this lie any longer. You’re gonna come back soon, right? Can you still remember that you promised you would bring me to New York next year once I get there? I’ll be there in the next 4 weeks, maybe. So you must come back. You can’t leave like this. You can leave after you’re allowed to go.  Please, don’t leave. Please, come back. I’ll promise I’ll never fight with you again. I have to admit that it hurts me badly when you leave. Please, don’t. You win. It really scares me when you don’t say a word like that. So turn on your phone. I am now calling you. By the way, you’ve always wanted to see beautiful sunset & sunrise. Let’s do it.


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