Are you a good employeur?

IMG_8097Here are some clues telling yourself if you are a good staff. These 4 clues tell who you are in the working field perfectly:

១) Come late

It’s a bad habit to come late. It’s true that no one can come on time all the time, but if you come late so often, then it becomes another story. Coming late can slow your works, late some your colleagues who might need you.

២) Make a lot of excuses

This shows that you are irresponsible. Some people make up excuses to solve problem. 

៣) The habit of gossiping

Some people are not good at working, instead, they are very skillful in gossiping. This can make the environment of your workplace dark. I know most Cambodian do (especially the older generation). But why don’t we change it? 

៤) No scarification to company

A successful job, you can’t avoid of being scarified some of your time and strength.

Now you know who is you completely. If you have one of it, this means you are a less good employeur.


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