Anti-vietnamese is super wrong.

IMG_1823Dear all khmers,

I am here today just share some information from my research about Cambodia’s ethnic. This time, I interview few Cambodian half Vietnamese who have never spent any single day in Vietnam. Before you read this, I demand you to put yourself in his shoes. Imagine that everyone around you hates you because of who you are! Imagine that people hate you because you are born Khmer!

Veasna is a Cambodian, mother Vietnamese. His name is Chhun Veasna, but « Ah yuon » is what he is called. When he was in grade 8, he decided to quit his education because he couldn’t barely integrate with others and everyone hated him. « I was always bulied by those Khmers », Veasna said with though voice, « I wonder why they hate me so much », « I know why now. I also hate them. But I like you because you don’t hate me » he continues with smile. I paused my questions for awhile because I knew he would cry. Then I turned to encourage him to think further about his future and that he’s loved from many others, like me, for example.

Vietnam saved Cambodia from Khmer Rouge, but the welcome ran thin. Friend became enemy. The Khmers teach their youngers to hate one another. Why? Do you know that those Vietnamese have no where to go! Cambodia is their home. How many people out there like Veasna who has a fate like him, who is abandoned, who is hated, and who decide to quit their education, some time even commit suicide?

I suggest you to stop hating Yuon. Try to teach them to love us, love each other. Treat them as the way you want to be treated.

By the way, you may eat your samlor mchou Yuon (sweet and sour Vietnamese soup), there is no poison.


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