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A wiseman seldom writes in his mind, but take a picture.


mars 2015

The intelligent space on the planet?

IMG_0523 (2)« Read my message, please. You’re like me, a homo sapiens, a wise human. » Human is the most intelligent space on the planet. But we, of course, are the worst too. We are actually a parasite on the earth. I wonder what we are doing exactly on this planet, what our mission is. We forgot who feeds us. We forgot where we are from. We forgot that this planet does not belong to us. Animals, plants are ways before us. We are nothing but a guest. We only entered to the story just about 200 thousand year-old, but we benefit everything from this fabulous 4 billion year-old. Unfortunetely, we don’t just benefit but invade, conquer, destroy. We’ve been killers, kidnappers, just to live better. We don’t only exhaust the surface of the planet, but also very deep in the earth. . It captured by millions of trees and took millions of years to build this little fossil. But we have exploited 70% of it in just 50 years. We are not just killing them, but killing ourselves too.

To change this, it starts from yourself. Teach your kids. Make sure they are aware of it. The future of this planet is in your hand, help it or destroy it. Your choice!


ដំណឹងល្អ និង ដំណឹងអាក្រក់

ស្ត្រី​ម្នាក់​បាន​មក​ផ្ទះ​វិញ​ហើយ​និយាយ​ទៅ​កាន់​ប្ដី​របស់​នាង ៖

  • ប្រពន្ធ – បង​សំលាញ់ ខ្ញុំ​មាន​ដំណឹង​ល្អ​មួយ និង​ដំណឹង​អាក្រក់​មួយ​ចង​ប្រាប់​បង។ តែបង​ត្រូវតែ​សន្យាថា​នឹង​ទុប​ចិត្ត​ឲ្យ​បាន។ ដំណឹង​ទី​មួយ​នេះ​គឺ ខ្ញុំនឹងចាកចេញពីបងហើយ.
  • ប្ដី – មិន​អី​ទេ, ហើយ​ចុះ​ដំណឹង​អាក្រក់​វិញ?

Homme avec un nez de 25 cm

IMG_8433Il était une fois il y avait un homme avec un nez de 25 cm.
A cette époque, tout le monde souhaitaient avoir  le nez long, sauf lui. Alors un jour, son ami lui a dit d’une sorcière qui pourrait l’aider. Et il y est allé. La sorcière lui a parlé « Aller a la forêt et trouver un grenouille. Demander le à vous marier, et chaque fois il dit NON, votre nez se réduit ». Sans gaspiller quelque moment, cet homme a fait ce que la sorcière avait dit. « Non, merci » dit la grenouille. Alors, son nez était 20 cm. Cet homme a posé le grenouille encore une fois, et le grenouille a répondu « Non, merci« . Alors, son nez était 15 cm. « Le nez avec la longeur de 10 cm est parfait »pensé lui. Il demande encore le grenouille. Le grenouille a dit « combien de fois je dois vous dire… NON, NON, NON« . Il n’avait plus de nez.

Price tag of life

11921815_10153681513123489_949552280439776404_oCambodia was called, Pearl of Asia, Kingdom of Wonders, then  Land of Smiles. Sounds wow. But do you know that Cambodians smile through their pain? They are being sold. How can you put a price tag in someone’s life? Can you measure a value of life? How much is a life worth? One minute of your joice is killing someone’s life. After saying these facts, why don’t you call Cambodia, market of lives? Houses, cars, bikes, computers, Khmer families in the cities have those things in just 10 years. The number of those things increases faster and faster. Don’t you remember that you had zero before? What else do you need? Someone else’s life?

If you are able to read my message, you should be happy because the person who is being sold or bought is not YOU.  Human traficking and exploitation are a good business in Cambodia. They run very well across the country. Girl virginity, for example, is considered to be a precious object. Once it’s taken. These girls are thrown away to the streets, like gabages. Dear Khmers, have you learned your history? Khmer rouge didn’t teach you enough? Those girls love their lives just like you love yours. If no one buys, no one sells and no one is sold.

Thai vs Khmer ; Culture influence

វិសាខបូជា=ວິສາຂບູຊາ=วิสาขบูชา=I’ve just reviewed some articles about Thailand vs Cambodia in term of culture and language. It’s a great battle between these two nations which share the same culture and language.

Water always flows from a higher position. It never flows up to the mountain but down from the mountain. Back to the history, Cambodia was once richer, so it’s logically that the culture must have heavily influenced Thai. After the Khmer rouge, Khmers were mostly killed. Khmer identity and culture were lost. To bring back what we had, taking back is the only choice. Example: After Khmer rouge, Khmer culture was remarkably influenced by Thais. Thai pop songs were copied. Cambodia is now getting better. Less and less Thai pop songs are influenced. Many Khmers are invented. Some of them are even copied to Thailand. Plus, these two nations are located in the same geographical area. So the exchange of cultures and ideas cannot be avoided. In this case, you don’t call it stealing. The truth fact is that Khmer culture was Indianized. And Thai eventually borrowed from the Khmers. So we borrow from one another.

Khmer and Thai are like brothers. Stop fight like dogs. Peace!

Halfway home

IMG_0002Coming home to see family, a Khmer-Lao, died halfway in the worst train accident in Kratie. A husband of 3 kids, he was forced to work in Phnom Penh, capital Cambodge.

Mongkul Songvatt, a Khmer-Lao bank-emoployee, was on his way back home to see his family after 1 year left. Songvatt had been working in the bank secter for over 10 years. To make his family’s condition better, he was forced to leave home to Cambodia for job opportunities. « he planned to move us to Phnom Penh next year » said Sureevan, Songvatt’s wife, « but.. ». »It was just too incredible that this happened, » said the oldest son who was on the telephone with his father while the accident happened, « I heard he laughed then a very loud noise which sounded like a plane crash buzzed out on the telephone, then.. » he cried.

« He was good father. He tried to make money to give us a better living standard. » said Sureevan, « every public holiday, he always came home right after finishing his job, even at night, so he could  play with his kids before they went to bed every night ».

Gay hitchhiker

IMG_8420On the way going to Ratanakiri, a man is driving with his monkey in the back of his car. There he sees a hitchhiker and stops picking him up. While talking, the monkey comes and unzipped the drivers’ pants and play with it. The man slaps the monkey and makes him go to the back seat. In a few minutes, the same thing happens. The hitchhiker said « Ouah, man, that’s amazing. It’s my first time seeing this kind of cute thing ». The driver says  » Do you want to try it? » The hitchhiker replies with no wasting any moment « Yes, But don’t hit me that hard »!

អាចារ្យ និង ដូនជី

IMG_1989កាល​ពី​ព្រេង​នាយ មាន​អាចារ្យ​ម្នាក់ និង​ដូន​ជី​ម្នាក់​ជិះ​លើ​សត្វ​លា​ទៅ​ភូមិ​ដ៏​សែន​ឆ្ងាយ។ ដល់​វាល​រហោ​ស្ថាន សត្វ​លា​នោះ​ក៏​ងាប់​ដោយ​ការ​អស់​កំលាំង។ ដោយ​វាល​រហោ​ស្ថាន​នោះ​ធំពេក គ្មាន​អ្វីបរិភោគ​ទៀត​នោះ ពួក​គេ​សំរាច់​ចិត្ត​ថា​ស្លាប់​នៅទី​នោះ។ តែ​មុន​ពេល​ស្លាប់ អាចារ្យ​និយាយ​ទៅ​ដូន​ជី​ថា « អាត្មា​មិន​ដែល​ឃើញ​ស្រ្តី​អាក្រាត​ទេ​ពី​មុន​មក« ។ ដូនជី​និយាយ « ករុណា​ដឹង​ថា​វា​ជា​ការ​ពិត« ។ អាចារ្យ​បន្ត « តើ​ញ៉ម​អាច​អាក្រាត​កាយ​ឲ្យ​អាត្មា​មើល​ជា​លោក​ចុង​ក្រោយ​មុន​ពេល​អាត្មា​ស្លាប​បាន​ទេ? » ដូន​ជី​ក៏​ព្រម​ហើយ ដោះ​សម្លាក​បំពាក់​ចេញ​អស់។ អាចារ្យ​ចង្អុល​ទៅ​ប្រដាប់​ភេទ​ដូនជី ហើយ​និយាយ « ស្អី​នឹង ញ៉ម? » ដូន​ជី​ឆ្លើយ « នេះ​ជា​ប្រហោង​ខ្មៅ ដែល​គេ​ដាក់​វត្ថុ​អ្វី​មួយ​ចូល ហើយ​វា​បង្កើត​ជីវិត« ។ អាចារ្យ​ភ្លាត់​មាត់ « មែនឬ? » ដូន​ជី​ឆ្លើយ « ករុណា មែន« ។

បន្ទាប់​មក ដូន​ជី​ក៏​និយាយ « ករុណា​ក៏​មិន​ដែលឃើញបុរស​អាក្រាត​ទេ​ពី​មុនមក​។ » ហើយ​ក៏​សុំ​ឲ្យ​អាចារ្យ​ដោះ​សម្លាក​បំពាក់។ អាចារ្យ​ក៏​ព្រម។ ដូនជី​សំលឹង​មើល​ប្រដាប់​ភេទ​អាចារ្យ​ហើយ​សួរ « ស្អីនឹង? » អាចារ្យ​ឆ្លើយ « នេះ​ជា​វត្ថុ​ដែល​ដាក់​ចូល​ប្រហោង​ខ្មៅ ហើយ​វា​បង្កើត​ជីវិត។ ដូន​ជី​សប្បាយ​ចិត្ត ហើយក៏​និយាយ « បើ​ដូច្នោះ​មែន ដាក់​វា​ចូល​ប្រហោង​ខ្មៅ​សត្វ​លា​នេះ​ទៅ យើង​នឹង​អាច​បន្ត​ដំនើរ​ទៅ​មុខ​ហើយ។« 

Vallée d’Areng

IMG_0192Une partie de la chaine des Cardamomes, au coeur de la vallée dAreng, un dernier écosystème très riche face un problème à disparaitre. Crédit à Alex, un activiste étranger, qui annonce ce danger.

Les animaux indénombrable meurent parce qu’ils ont nulle part à vivre. La vitesse de la déforestation continue sans cesse. Heureusement, il nous reste Areng qui est la dernière maison pour ces animaux. Mais je ne sais pas si il va durer beaucoup plus long temps. Grâce à/à cause d’un développement non moral, un barrage hydroélectrique va être construit et va mettre des vies au risque. Enfait, le gouvernement ne sais pas comment ramener un animal qui a disparu. Il ne sais rien comment ramener la forêt qui est maintenant un désert. Il a aucune capacité de résoudre le problème environnemental, même dans la capital. S’il vous plaît, arrêter de le casser.

Le gouvernement a une mission. C’est à servir les citoyens. Si c’est vrai, il n’y a rien à voir à ce qu’il est en train de faire.

Message au gouvernement: Regarder à vos peuples et les écouter.

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