Halfway home

IMG_0002Coming home to see family, a Khmer-Lao, died halfway in the worst train accident in Kratie. A husband of 3 kids, he was forced to work in Phnom Penh, capital Cambodge.

Mongkul Songvatt, a Khmer-Lao bank-emoployee, was on his way back home to see his family after 1 year left. Songvatt had been working in the bank secter for over 10 years. To make his family’s condition better, he was forced to leave home to Cambodia for job opportunities. « he planned to move us to Phnom Penh next year » said Sureevan, Songvatt’s wife, « but.. ». »It was just too incredible that this happened, » said the oldest son who was on the telephone with his father while the accident happened, « I heard he laughed then a very loud noise which sounded like a plane crash buzzed out on the telephone, then.. » he cried.

« He was good father. He tried to make money to give us a better living standard. » said Sureevan, « every public holiday, he always came home right after finishing his job, even at night, so he could  play with his kids before they went to bed every night ».


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