Thai vs Khmer ; Culture influence

វិសាខបូជា=ວິສາຂບູຊາ=วิสาขบูชา=I’ve just reviewed some articles about Thailand vs Cambodia in term of culture and language. It’s a great battle between these two nations which share the same culture and language.

Water always flows from a higher position. It never flows up to the mountain but down from the mountain. Back to the history, Cambodia was once richer, so it’s logically that the culture must have heavily influenced Thai. After the Khmer rouge, Khmers were mostly killed. Khmer identity and culture were lost. To bring back what we had, taking back is the only choice. Example: After Khmer rouge, Khmer culture was remarkably influenced by Thais. Thai pop songs were copied. Cambodia is now getting better. Less and less Thai pop songs are influenced. Many Khmers are invented. Some of them are even copied to Thailand. Plus, these two nations are located in the same geographical area. So the exchange of cultures and ideas cannot be avoided. In this case, you don’t call it stealing. The truth fact is that Khmer culture was Indianized. And Thai eventually borrowed from the Khmers. So we borrow from one another.

Khmer and Thai are like brothers. Stop fight like dogs. Peace!


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