Price tag of life

11921815_10153681513123489_949552280439776404_oCambodia was called, Pearl of Asia, Kingdom of Wonders, then  Land of Smiles. Sounds wow. But do you know that Cambodians smile through their pain? They are being sold. How can you put a price tag in someone’s life? Can you measure a value of life? How much is a life worth? One minute of your joice is killing someone’s life. After saying these facts, why don’t you call Cambodia, market of lives? Houses, cars, bikes, computers, Khmer families in the cities have those things in just 10 years. The number of those things increases faster and faster. Don’t you remember that you had zero before? What else do you need? Someone else’s life?

If you are able to read my message, you should be happy because the person who is being sold or bought is not YOU.  Human traficking and exploitation are a good business in Cambodia. They run very well across the country. Girl virginity, for example, is considered to be a precious object. Once it’s taken. These girls are thrown away to the streets, like gabages. Dear Khmers, have you learned your history? Khmer rouge didn’t teach you enough? Those girls love their lives just like you love yours. If no one buys, no one sells and no one is sold.


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