The intelligent space on the planet?

IMG_0523 (2)« Read my message, please. You’re like me, a homo sapiens, a wise human. » Human is the most intelligent space on the planet. But we, of course, are the worst too. We are actually a parasite on the earth. I wonder what we are doing exactly on this planet, what our mission is. We forgot who feeds us. We forgot where we are from. We forgot that this planet does not belong to us. Animals, plants are ways before us. We are nothing but a guest. We only entered to the story just about 200 thousand year-old, but we benefit everything from this fabulous 4 billion year-old. Unfortunetely, we don’t just benefit but invade, conquer, destroy. We’ve been killers, kidnappers, just to live better. We don’t only exhaust the surface of the planet, but also very deep in the earth. . It captured by millions of trees and took millions of years to build this little fossil. But we have exploited 70% of it in just 50 years. We are not just killing them, but killing ourselves too.

To change this, it starts from yourself. Teach your kids. Make sure they are aware of it. The future of this planet is in your hand, help it or destroy it. Your choice!


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