Everything Will Fall Down

03We forgot that this planet does not belong to us. It belongs to those who arrived first. Animals, plants are ways before us. Just to live better, we have become killers, kidnappers. We don’t just benefit but invade, conquer, destroy. We don’t only exhaust the surface of the planet, but also very deep in the earth. . It captured by millions of trees and took millions of years to build this little fossil. But we have exploited 70% of it in just 50 years. Do you remember a rumor that says that the world would end?  It is coming. And we are now half way there.

The most important element in the human survival is water. And it turns now to be a sharp destructive weapon. A massive volume of water wave strikes the earth. Rivers, lakes that millions and billions of people drink turn poison. The forest that once was is now a desert. The air turn toxic. The world’s temperature increases.

Thousands of people died because of the increasing temperature in India. Thousands of people died because of the Earthquake in Nepal. Thousands of people died by the Tsunami. Thousands of people died in Africa because of lacking of water. Thousands of people died because of toxic water in Asia.

The rate of the plant exstinction is in the range of 1000 times faster then the natural rate estimated. Rivers, lakes, and all the drinkable source have been becoming toxic or drought out. The ulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are filled in the air.   Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC),  released from air-conditioners, refrigerators, insect repellents slowly damage the earth’s athmosphare and deplete the ozone layers. In contrast, the number of those things are doubling every passing year.

I am afraid to breath this toxic air. I am afraid to drink this poisoneous water. I am afraid to eat this chemical food.

You might not live to reach the time the earth ends, but I might do. My children will. My grandchildren will. Did you have to worry about these things when you were my age?


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