Racism in Cambodia

IMG_41740In Cambodian society, the white skin shows their wealthy and the black shows dirty and poor. It’s not hard to believe that Cambodian, generally, are racist toward blacks. Not only for black Africans who are victims of discrimination but also among Cambodians. In Cambodia, « Black » is replaced by « brown ». They have difficulty distinguishing colors. The Khmer mixed Chinese are very proud of their pale skin. Some of them behave like the richest man on earth and super models. I heard a lot of times that Cambodian call the African tourists « Ah Khmao » or « Khmao » which means « Black » and nothing else. In this case, it shows that Cambodians have a low level of education and a bad-culture. There are some foreigners who said in a forum Cambodia « Kingdom of Cambodia Racists ». After reading his text, I look in the mirror with the reflection of myself and ask, « Why am I Cambodian? « I am ashamed.


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