Change the language, change the personality?

IMG_0197Have you ever heard of bilingual? It’s people who speak two languages. What I believe is that they may have brains that are more efficient at language processing. This means they are capable to constantly activate both languages in their brain, choosing which to use and which to ignore.

Now let’s turn to characteristics of French and Khmer, for example. They both are different. When a French guy meets strangers, he says « bonjour » and gives 2 kisses. In contrast, when a Khmer guy meet strangers, he says « Chomreapsourrrrrhhh » which does not mean hello but signifies respect with the low voice and he does his Sampeah (greeting). Even if we could not hear the conversation, we could 100% tell that they are different, even possibly knowing these two languages. Another example; when the people were asked to complete the following sentences, their answers differed depending on the language in which the questions were asked:

  1. Don’t you have a car? 
    French: No, I don’t.
    Khmer: Yes, I don’t have a car.
  2. Can you help me?
    French: No, I can’t.
    Khmer: Yes, but I am sorry, I am afraid not to be able to help you.

Logically, the language effects the personality. If people who are actually very fluent in two languages may unconsciously shift their personality once they switch between language.


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