Ancient treatment in Cambodia old day

IMG_30430Since the dawn of humanity, illness and injuries have been posing problems to lives on earth. We, of course, never give up. The history of the invention of medicines and treatments started from that old day. Herbs and plants were used to heal, not only the body but also to purify the spirit. Some even believe to eat dirt, animals bones, a lot of weird staff, cure.

For instance, Tobacco was used to heal numerous illness, to balance the lives and the surroundings for Native Americans.

Today, I am going to write about a strategy of treating illness by hand massage:

  • Thumb: to relieve stomachache, spear pain; to reduce stress, sorrows, worries.
  • Index finger: to help your feeling calm, relaxed, and less fears; it helps your back pain, and your digestion.
  • Middle finger: to make you feel happy, to help your heart, it’s perfect for girls who come period, and for those who have problems with eyes.
  • Married finger: to relieve the feeling of disgusting something, to breath better.
  • Feel lonely? Feel angry? Can’t sleep?

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