10869515_10153007407753489_733129051883141400_oThe invention of facebook is a history. Facebook has many advantages to Cambodian youth, adult as well as to the businesses. It allows us to share information with others, ask questions, share your opinion to public (Even the gouvernement is scared of facebook).. Many students use Facebook to chat for group discussions, while some businesses use it for short meetings. You can make new friends, find schools, universities.. Many people find their very old friends they never expect that they would ever contact again. Facebook provides tons of games and other applications. Facebook can be used everytime, and everywhere. When you’re queuing, open your phone. When you are at home, bored, alonely, open your phone. When you feel awkward, open your phone. All of these times, you go to facebook.

Facebook gives you endless joy but if you use it in the wrong way, you are out of the planet. Facebook changed the way people socialize with one another. It keeps you engaged all day long. You used to talk with people, smile to each other, share ideas when you are on the train, bus, or public area. Now, your nose touches the screen. You used to talk with friends, laugh with them when you meet them. Now, you are busy scrolling down facebook page.


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