10498072_10152586869008489_4272097991405908809_oNot everyone has a chance to have mom. If you do, you are so lucky. Most of you spend your mother’s day with your mom. Not everyone has that chance. I usually spend it with myself. I have not had a mother’s day since I was 14. Even though it’s been over a decade since I lost her, but I’ve always felt she is with me. Whether your lose a mother or not, one day, you will. But since you still have that chance, why don’t you profit it?
I still can remember the last time of conversation with her. I sang her Nokor Reach song. She smiled and puddled me to sleep. I am regret that I didn’t say how much I loved her. “Hey! Are you doing anything special with your mom for Mother’s Day?”. Inside my head thought, « Yes, dinner« , unfortunately! As I say that not everyone has that chance, you should profit it. You post in facebook, instagram, line, whatsup, tons more of applications, that you love your mother. You have 52 Sundays/year, you have public holidays, annual leaves, etc; but you don’t have one day a year to prove that you love your mother. There is a pressure to take your mother out for dinner, get her a gift, say you love her, etc. But you have tons of friends to hang out with, you buy gifts for your friend’s birthday, you have no pressure say « I love you » your songsa. You should try to remember to do nice things for our loved ones year round, whether it’s mom, or dad.

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