Snail as a pet

In Cambodia, pet snails are rare. It might not even have been existed as a pet. Pets for Cambodian are dogs, cats, rabbits -ext, but never be snail. Why not snail as a pet? Well, not a lot of action with pet snails. Neither much of personality or relationship. But after you see this article,... Lire la suite →


Dear brother Angry

« If you see this article by chance or attention, I demand you to close it immediately since this article contains my secrets » Dear brother Angry, I do not even know if you are really a male since you have never told me. But I guess you are a boy since guys are more agressive. Right?... Lire la suite →

Hygiene man

One family from Phnom Penh travels to Ratanakiri province. Along a very long and isolated road, the 2 kids and the wife are hungry, very hungry. They have no more food in their car. So, they see one restaurent. They stop and order noodle soup. The husband sees a hair in his bowl, since he... Lire la suite →

Cambodian hair myth

A traditional, legendary, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings by explaining aspects of the natural world is called myth. It is a fiction or half-truth story that is shared from our ancesters. Since the pre-Angkorian, hair has always been very important. It's considered to be a good lady. In the present day, girls try... Lire la suite →

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