IMG_1387A traditional, legendary, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings by explaining aspects of the natural world is called myth. It is a fiction or half-truth story that is shared from our ancesters. Since the pre-Angkorian, hair has always been very important. It’s considered to be a good lady.

In the present day, girls try to attract guy’s attention because they know that men are generally more attracted to women whose hair flows past their shoulders. Men rated the same faces as more seductive when they were attached to more hair. So once it is cut, it must grow as fast as it could, and must do anything to help it grows.

Myth 1: Comb your hair 99 times a day.

You’ve probably heard it somewhere in your country. In Cambodia, it is believed to help the hair grow faster.

Myth 2: Trim your hair frequently.

Cutting the ends of your hair is believed to help the hair grow faster.

Myth 3: Brush your hair at least once a day.

The more frequently you shampoo your hair, more dirt has been removed and the oil production increases. The more oil, the faster your hair grows.

Myth 4: Pour water instead of showering.

This is the most important element to grow your hair. In the Cambodian society, pour water is used to give magic