Dear brother Angry

« If you see this article by chance or attention, I demand you to close it immediately since this article contains my secrets »

AngryDear brother Angry,

I do not even know if you are really a male since you have never told me. But I guess you are a boy since guys are more agressive. Right? Now let me apologize for yesterday that I calmed you down. It was not an appropriate time for you to come. In contrast, you are invited to come to watch cinéma with me. For the last time i went to the cinéma, my neighbors who seated behind me were so BRAINLESS. I wanted to give them time to correct this problem on their own, but they are apparently too low-educated to do so. Every time I go to watch the cinéma, they talk embarrasslessly loud, they laugh when the film is actually in the ghost scary scene, they make noise like almost every minute. I am fed up with it. This time, you must come and give them a lesson. They should be taught by giving them some peices of sh*t mixing with urine and put in their mouth. If you do so, I’ll invite you for dinner.


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