Snail as a pet

IMG_34600In Cambodia, pet snails are rare. It might not even have been existed as a pet. Pets for Cambodian are dogs, cats, rabbits -ext, but never be snail. Why not snail as a pet? Well, not a lot of action with pet snails. Neither much of personality or relationship. But after you see this article, you might want to have a pet snail:

  • where you live – pet snails is super easy, just a box with land!
  • how much time you and your parents have to look after a pet – you just give them few pieces of leaves, you may go to work all day!
  • where the pet will live – snails don’t like sun very much like other reptiles, so place it wherever yo wish!
  • how big it will grow up to be – well, it’s as big as your thump!
  • who is going to look after the pet?
  • how much it will cost – a box, land, and  leaves as food!

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